Community Partner Award

Unifor Local 199’s Equity Rep and Women’s Committee Liaison Donna Higham attended the AGM for West Niagara Second Stage Housing to receive a Community Partner Award.The presentation took place on June 20th at Grimsby City Hall. Donna Higham said that “Local 199 is proud to be a community partner with West Niagara Second Stage Housing and Counselling”

second stage

Earlier this year Unifor Women’s Committee made a donation from the National Social Justice Fund. West Niagara Second Stage Housing and Counselling is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides transitional support to survivors of abuse and their children. The project is committed to providing adequate interim housing and professional counselling services to enable survivors to enhance and develop the abilities and skills necessary to lead independent lives. The project provides survivors with transitional (second stage) housing that is integrated into communities and that is temporary,

second stage 2

There are many ongoing costs that go along with our services.  Your donation assists with the costs associated with running the transitional housing units as well as other client/housing related needs. The Award is to recognise Unifor Members for their Donation” 

Bev Reimer, West Niagara Second Stage Housing.