4 Things Your Home Insurance Won’t Usually Cover

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4 Things your home insurance won’t typically cover

Home is a safe haven for most. When disaster strikes, it’s the roof over our heads that we rely on to protect us. That’s why it’s important to discuss your policy coverage with a Unifor Insurance Broker to know what is and isn’t covered and understand your options. The truth is  most home insurance policies don’t cover certain damages or losses that may appear accidental or sudden. To help you, we’ve explained some of these exclusions below.

1. Flood Damage
Don’t be confused by “water damage” and “flood damage”
on your home insurance policy. While some water damage is
covered by your home insurance, flood damage may not be.
Thankfully, some insurance companies now have enhanced
water damage/sewer back-up endorsements that include
coverage for flood. Contact your insurance broker to learn more.

2. Mold Removal
Standard home insurance policies either limit coverage for mold
damage or exclude it altogether. Home insurance policies don’t cover
the clean up of mold in your homes. The procedure can be costly,
making it something you’d want to take preventative measures to
avoid happening. Monitor for and immediately fix any leaks in your home,
especially following extreme weather, to eliminate the moisture promptly

3. Earth Movement
Earthquakes, landslides and sinkholes are a few of the types of earth
movement that are excluded on home insurance policies. For these
situations, separate earthquake insurance is available for purchase.
Since natural disasters can happen anywhere at any time, and more
so if you are in a high-risk earthquake zone, you may want to get
earthquake insurance to protect your property and possessions from losses.

4. Termite Infestation
Home insurance policies won’t pay for termite damage, which
over time can destroy a home’s support beams and other wood
features in your home. In the insurance carrier’s eyes, termite
infestations are preventable and not accidental.

Discussing home insurance coverage with a Unifor insurance broker can go a long way in helping you save money — and your home.