“We knew it was our legal Right to Join a Union”

Safwat, School Bus Driver, Toronto, When we were joining the union, many school bus drivers were scared of how the company would react. When they eventually found out, they weren’t happy. They wanted to have full control over the workplace, give us no say.  Well, we joined the union and nothing bad happened to the drivers, because we weren’t doing anything wrong. We knew it was our legal right to join a union. By joining the union, you will have a voice to ensure your rights and needs are protected, and you will not be left standing alone when you have a workplace issue.

We knew it was our legal right to join a union.

Health and safety in the workplace is stronger with a union because of the education and support that the union provides. My coworkers and I joined and today we have a collective agreement that is legally binding and gives us more security and more respect.