Education Report – First Meeting

Education Committee Report

As your newly elected Education Standing Committee, we would like to thank everyone who voted for us and look forward to fulfilling this very important role within our union. We will make every effort to inform and engage all of our members, in  all units, with respect to education. We have provided our personal emails and contact numbers below so we welcome and encourage anyone to contact us. We want hear from the membership so we can effectively plan upcoming courses and dates and budget wisely. In addition, we also encourage you if possible please print off and hand out brochures and a survey to further help us determine our membership educational needs for 2017.

The new education committee is as follows

Chair, Melodie Zarlenga   ( or 905 359-1432)
Vice Chair, Michael Chandler  ( )
Secretary, Joe Petriello    ( or 905 931-9840


To start the year the Education committee has two courses scheduled at the union hall

  1. The first course is a one day pre retirement course “Planning for Your Future” scheduled for Saturday January 14, 2017.
  2. The second course is a three day Collective Bargaining Course for leadership, this course is scheduled. February 2, 3 and 4th, 2017

Members must be pre registered to attend both of these courses. The committee will start to advertise for student bursary. The deadline is April, 2017. The bursary is available to first year college or university students. The schedule for Spring 2017 courses being offered  in Port Elgin  with a full listing of available courses can be found online at .
In Solidarity

Joe Petriello, Recording Secretary
On behalf of the Education Standing Committee Melodie Zarlenga, Michael Chandler, & Joe Petriello