Hi All

This is an urgent request for your support and action, Seneca Manufacturing workers have been on strike since November 13th.  Seneca has only 14 members who are scheduled 24 hours per day 7 days per week  on the picket line and they need help.

  • The employer has withheld their wage for the last two weeks worked meaning they have not been paid for four weeks.
  • The company has been running the equipment and are preparing to ship the parts this weekend.
  • Today a truck ran through the picket line and has been loaded with parts. The only thing that is keeping the truck in the plant is a thin picket line. If these part get out the strike will go on for months hence the call for help.

Keeping the parts in the plant  this weekend is critical. Please make a commitment to show up for a four hour shift this weekend, the biggest shortage is between 5 pm and 6 am.  Call to be added to the schedule, or just show up.

Seneca Manufacturuing Under the skyway bridge 7 Niagara Stone Road.


Peter Scott 905-328-9899

Doug Orr 905-650-5977

Greg Brady 905-933-5256