Retiree Report November

fred dougan retiree reportRetiree Chair Report By Fred Dougan, November 2016

Insofar as this is my first report to the Retirees, I would like to thank you for all of the support you have given me since taking over from Barb Abrams. Barb gave me all of her past records. This is a first for me. Whenever I took over any other union position I got an empty filing cabinet. Barb even left me a “to do” list. Thanks Barb for everything and for the great job for the retirees over the years. I would also like to thank Bill Orr for the great job he has done as the Recording Secretary over many years for the retirees. In addition, Roger Pelletier gave up the job of Vice-Chairperson after many years of doing a great job as well. He has agreed to stay on at the bar job with Laurette. I am so thankful to both of them for keeping these jobs because they work together real well and both do a great job. Again, to both Roger and Laurette, thank you.

The new members of the “Retirees Executive Board” for the next three (3) years are myself, Vice-Chairperson is John Neely, Recording Secretary is Bruce Allen, Financial Secretary-Treasurer is Nick Collini and Sgt. At Arms is Ed Child. I am looking forward to working with the members of the Retirees Executive Board for the next three (3) years. Hopefully, we will have some fun along the way. I am always up for a laugh.