Trans Pacific Trade Agreement

Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement
The federal Government has recently signed the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP), it is not a done deal. We still have an opportunity to stop the trade arrangement.

The negative affects this deal will have on Canada is astounding! The TPP will put our already vulnerable environment even more at risk not to mention our food security, higher drug costs, decreased wages, and local jobs including over 20,000 in automotive. The unfair competition, lack of transparency and diminished sovereignty are all things we have to look forward too. Is this the Canada that you or any other Canadian citizen envisions for the future of our children and grandchildren?

The TPP is not something we cannot ignore and hope will not happen. Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Government have not given any indication, at this point, if they will support or turn down this agreement. We do not need another unfair trade deal that benefits large corporations and wealthy individuals. What we do need, is trade agreements that provide jobs in all sectors that provide positive growth and maintains a standard of living for all, and the next generation of Canadians. Remember this is not a set deal. It is time for all members to be heard!

Sign a petition rejecting the TPP at petition Please follow the link and fill out the petition stating to the Prime Minister and Minister of International Trade that you object to the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Let your MP know that this deal needs to be rejected. Visit, call or send an email to your local MP

Greg Brady

President Local 199