GM Chair Report Jan 2016 – Zone Change & Update

On behalf of the entire Union Leadership I would like to welcome everyone back. Although there will be a number of challenges ahead in 2016 we should be looking forward to a more prosperous New Year for all.

New Zone Representation

The following representation changes will become effective following the 2016 Zone Representative elections, at a date to be agreed upon by the parties.

  1. The Glendale Ave. plant will reduce from two (2) dayshift skilled trades zones to one (1) day shift skilled trades zone. Zone 5, will be combined with Zone 1. Following the UNIFOR elections, the elected representative for the new Zone 1 will be responsible for all trades departments.
  2. Zone 2: will represent the following: Division 14 – Glendale Avenue West Engine.
  3. Zone 3: Division 01 – Glendale Avenue East Engine and Division 09 – Material Handling.
  4. Zone 4 will be established as a new production zone representing the following: Division 15 – GF6 Transmission, Division 03 – Glendale Avenue Clerks, Division 08 – Inspection & Lab, Division 10 – Tool Maintenance & Stores, Division 12 – Machine Repair Division (Non Skilled) and Division 13 – V8 East Machining

Transfer Renewals

Applications for Transfer will be accepted commencing January 18, 2016 and will be considered valid February 1, 2016. Please Note: Existing Transfers will become null and void January 25, 2016.

Payroll Updates & Reminders

Effective January 1, 2016 the maximum pensionable (CPP) earnings income level will increase to $54,900 up from $53,600 in 2015. Also beginning January 1st the maximum insurable earnings income level to which Employment Insurance premiums are paid will increase to $50,800 up from $49,500 in 2015. Each federal deduction was increased by $1300. The maximum weekly EI benefit will increase slightly to $537 per week in 2016 from $524 in 2015.

Benefit Update

We are reminding all those with dependents attending college or university to make sure you submit your dependents tuition refund applications for the 2015 calendar year before March 30, 2016. Before leaving the country/ province on vacation please see your Benefit reps for an Out of Province GS brochure. For further info please call Mark Roy or Tony Tyminski @ 905 641 6444.

Introduction to Bargaining meeting for New Hires

A number of New Members have requested a Meeting to discuss the bargaining process for the upcoming negotiations in September. (Note: this is not a strategy meeting as that will come later. Based on this request there will be 2 meetings held at our Union Hall on Wednesday January 20th, 2016. The first at 1:00pm followed by the second starting at 3:00pm. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome.

Pension Rep Updates

Since the commuted value option came out in early 2013, it has been a popular option. Last year, in 2015, about 64% of members retiring took the commuted value. I would like to caution members, to review their options carefully before deciding if the commuted value is right for you. The current contract expires on September 20, 2016. It’s unknown whether the commuted value option will still be there, since it has to be renegotiated at that time. Our pension plan is currently funded at 72% on a worst case scenario. This value has been increasing over the last 3 years. We will have an update in July.

There have been quite a few active, and retired members that have passed away this year. Our condolences to those families. Death of a member, or spouse must be reported by the family, to the GM Benefits Centre at 1-877-442-4625. This will get the paperwork started for the surviving member. Your pension rep is available to help with the paperwork when it comes to the surviving member.Employment Equity/Human Rights/Union Counsellor

On behalf of the Employment Equity committee, the Union would like to thank everyone for their generous donations at our Toonie Tuesday Plant Gate Collection. In total $2,200.00 was raised, with money being allocated to the St. Catharines and Fort Erie Native Centre community dinners, Thorold Community Care, St. Catharines YWCA, Gillian’s Place, Women’s Place of South Niagara for Welland and Niagara Falls and the Welland Hope Centre.

Local 199 GM Unit Facebook

We have created a Facebook Group “Unifor Local 199 GM Unit” to engage our in-plant membership including our newest members to help build solidarity, to share and respectfully discuss issues in the media, National Union, and Local 199 news and information relevant to us Unifor members in the Auto Industry. This group was created as one of the ways to keep you informed as we head into negotiations this fall. Over the past year we have built up to 258 members. Membership is restricted to active members on the seniority list and is governed by our Social Media policy. You must be invited into the group by another member or an administrator. If you would like access to the group, ask a co-worker to add you if they are a member, or send a friend request for approval.

Reminder to all Unifor General Motors Employees

Just a reminder that if you possess any College technical trade related courses and or have any technical trade tickets, please forward them in the form of a resume to

Issued by, Tim McKinnon, GM Unit Chairperson
On behalf of the Bargaining Committee
Brian Chemnitz, Doug Wark, Ron Allen, & Paul Dortono.
UNIFOR Local 199