GM Dealership Experience

GM Plant Chair ReportTim McKinnon sq
November 2016


Terry Jarrell who is the Quality Manager at St Catharines Powertrain has informed the Union that a district manager has been assigned to the Niagara area to review the service experience at GM dealerships. GM is looking for feedback from our members regarding after sales service in the region. The District Manager deals primarily with service issues, but is also interested in hearing about any sales related issues you may have.

If you have had a dealer experience, good or bad that you would like to share please E Mail Terry Jarrell. Your concerns and comments will be submitted as part of a general feedback study.Please note that the purpose is to identify general problem areas that can be improved upon. However, should any GM employee have an issue that needs be addressed immediately they should contact the dealership directly or GM through one of the following links.

E Mail Terry Jarrel
Click link for Socrates
Click link for GM Canada

In Solidarity,
Tim McKinnon, GM Unit Chairperson, on behalf of the Bargaining Committee