GM Unit Information Meeting

Tim McKinnon called an Information meeting to discuss the challenges of the General Motors facilities in Canada. Approximately 300 members were in attendance to talk about the future of Canadian plants. With the entire bargaining committee, GM Chairperson and Bruce Allen, President of the Union speaking with one voice. Tim McKinnon said that it was important that we get new work and products for the St Catharines facility, this will help secure our pensions and create good paying long term jobs for the younger workers who have recently been hired at General Motors.

The one common issue that was repeatedly raised was the importance of protecting and supporting the new workers that have been hired in St Catharines. It is an issue that must be addressed at the bargaining table in 2016. Both Bruce Allen and Tim McKinnon agreed that this could be a strike issue for 2016.

To see immages from the GM Unit meeting click on the following link. GM Unit Meeting