GM Pension Report – DECEMBER 2022

Pension Report  –   December 2022

A few points of note:

1: Congratulations to those who have transitioned into retirement over the last year!

2: Active and retired employees please ensure your contact information is up to date to receive any correspondence from the following:

General Motors, General Motors Benefit Center, General Motors Payroll, Sunlife, ASR Trust, Green Shield and Canada Life.

3: Pension credits for legacy employees will continue to accrue until employee retires. If employee is still actively working and attains age 71, the employee will be required to collect pension payment by December 1st of that year. Upon receiving pension while actively employed pension credits will cease accruement.

4: Retirees looking to change banking information must call the General Motors Benefit Center to update their account, they can be reached at 1-877-442-4625.

5: Defined Contribution Pension Plan members who have yet to select the 1% optional contribution should consider doing this as the Company matches with an additional 2%, contact us for more information. Defined Contribution Pension Plan members who have been off in the last year (2022) during eligible leaves and layoffs have the option to continue contributions to their pension. Application form for continuing contributions if eligible will be sent to you by Canada Life. If you do not receive this form, they are available in our office. Listed below are eligible leaves and they are subject to the eligibility requirements of the plan:

Pregnancy/Parental Leave                                                                                          Family Medical Leave

Layoff and eligible for SUB                                                                                         Reservist Leave

Crime-Related Child Death or Disappearance Leave                                       Organ Donor Leave                                             

Critically Ill Child Care Leave                                                                                    WSIB Leave         

Emergency Leave – declared emergency Leave                                                 Personal Emergency Leave

Union Leave of Absence Local or National Leave                                              Family Caregiver Leave                                                                                                  

Approved Disability Leave While in Receipt of S&A Benefits


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Issued by,

Ken MacLean  (GM  Pension Rep.)  & Mike Foran (Alt. GMPension Rep.)
In-plant: 905-641-6443
Cell: 905-246-0384
E Mail:


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