GM CHAIR UPDATE – September 10, 2021

GM Membership – Chair Report

September 10, 2021


The Company has informed the Union yesterday of their production schedule for the next few weeks.

  • V6 is now scheduled to be out for the next 4 weeks. Returning after Thanksgiving Oct 12th.
  • GF6 still has the return to work date set for Oct 4th.
  • V8 assembly will be running 2 shifts of days and afternoons for the next 3 weeks. The New Piston Stuffer Machines are scheduled to be installed over the next few weeks beginning September 13th on the late shift with an expected completion time being 3 weeks. Those late shift members will be absorbed to days and afternoons for that period with the expectation they return to late shift after the installation.
  • There will be no impact to V8 Machining. They are expected to run full out all three shifts during this time.

4% Lump Sum Payment update – the 2020 Bargaining Highlight sheet states the 4% lump sum payment becomes “effective” September 27th which marks the 52 week point that the Company will use to calculate your 4% earnings of the previous year. It was originally thought that the 4% payment would happen the week of September 27th but that is NOT THE CASE. The payment for the 4% lump sum payment is scheduled for October 21st. The monies will be allocated for the week of October 11th-17th. Only legacy workers are eligible. Anyone in the progression grid are ineligible for this payment.

At the time of this report, it is not yet known if the Company will experience layoffs after Thanksgiving but given the last few months with the shortage of semiconductors, it’s likely. More information will be provided in future reports whether you’ll need to claim it then or not if you are on layoff. Vince Filice is working on those details still and will provide that information to the membership once he has them.

New Bank Holiday – September 30th is now recognized as a holiday for Canadian Banks and ADP GM’s payroll partner. As a result, all GM Canada employees can expect their Thursday September 30th pay to show up Friday October 1st. There is no new holiday pay for us.

Kronos time keeping system – is set to launch October 18th. A previous Chair report from May 6th captured the highlights and notable benefits that become available to you once implemented. That report is still available to view on the local 199 website and the Facebook group.

Issued by,

Trevor Longpre, GM Unit Chairperson
On behalf of the Bargaining Committee
Ken Naldjieff, Glenn Currie, Kevan Anderson, Bill Newburgh
UNIFOR Local 199

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