HAPPY CANADA Day – A time to reflect


Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to wish all our members a Happy Canada Day. I encourage members to use this day to reflect upon both the amazing accomplishments of our great country and the tragic reality that is our history. While we cannot change the marred past of our forefathers, we can continue to recognize and change the systemic racism rooted deep in our society. And that is exactly what we must do. Do not believe that one day of remorse will reconcile the atrocities finally being acknowledged in our country.

Use this as a moment to acknowledge that Canada is a great country – a country people flee too in order to escape persecution and war, a country known across the world as peacekeepers, a country with a reputation for maple syrup, hockey and politeness.

Use this moment also to reflect that Canada is also still a flawed country – residential schools, unclean drinking water on reserves, systemic indigenous racism.

Use today to remember that in our amazing country, now and forever more, #everychildmatters.


Stay safe and healthy.

In solidarity,

Jordan Lennox, President
Unifor Local 199
On behalf of the Executive Board
Steve McMullen, Mike Winterbottom, Lori Gaboury, Alex Latham, Fred Dougan, Lawrence Robson, Ian Lewis, Dan Kyle