Time of Reflection, One Year Anniversary of the Pandemic

From the President’s Desk

Sisters & Brothers,

Covid 19 has impacted every member active and retired throughout Local 199. This virus has impacted our cities, our workplaces and our Country. Thank you to our Doctors, nurses, police, military, firefighters, and all first responders for their dedication to our local communities.

This deadly virus has impacted families and friends. Sadly, the Province of Ontario has lost close to 6,000 lives due to this pandemic. Each unit in Local 199 being an essential service has continued to strive and make a contribution while working under very strict protocols. Mandatory face coverings, sanitizing, and other forms of PPE while working under stressful conditions and producing quality products for the employer proves what an amazing membership we have at Local 199.

I especially want to thank the Sisters and Brothers of Pleasant Manor for keeping the most vulnerable safe during this unprecedented time.

Each and every member of Local 199 I personally want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your workplace, and to your families. This past year has been extremely taxing on everyone. You all have played a huge part in keeping our economy flourishing while supporting your families.

As local public health units have started the vaccine process, we are still not out of the woods. This pandemic is not going away any time soon. Please do your part to keep safe in the workplace and at home. Together we will get through this, and once again thank you to everyone throughout Local 199 for persevering while faced with all the challenges of this past year.

In solidarity,

Greg Brady
President Unifor Local 199