Financial Secretary Report – March 2021

New Offices for Local Union

The Executive board of Unifor Local 199 has made a decision to move our union offices to the lower level.  There are several reasons why this decision was necessary.  With changing demographics and increasing costs this was the right thing to do.  Unifor Local 199 is adding four union offices on the south side of the retiree lounge on the lower level, adjacent to the patio.

These new offices are being added to accommodate the Executive offices that are currently located on the second floor.  When the renovations are completed the union office upstairs will be closed.   There are several advantages to this move, which was supported unanimously by the Executive Board and the Retirees Executive.  We utilize unused space in the lower level, secure the future for the lounge for 5 years and the union offices will now be wheelchair accessible via the ramp.

The four new offices will be the new home for the President, Financial Secretary, Admin/reception and a general-purpose office for the pensions, benefits & WSIB.

The members entrance will be from the patio on the lower south side of the building.  The services we offer will be the same, all we are doing is reducing the amount of space we use.

The retiree’s entrance is from the north side of the building, retirees with accessibility issues can still use the patio entrance. Retirees will see very little change in the facilities they use. The new floorplan maintains the bar, dart boards and pool tables as well as a large multipurpose area that can be used for meetings, social events or a classroom if needed. The plan includes a much-needed coat of paint and some other improvements to the lower level including WIFI.

The lower level of the Union Hall is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions so this was the perfect opportunity to make this move with no disruption to the membership.  These changes were necessary to secure the local unions future and maintain the services we provide to all the units we represent. We believe keeping the retirees and the Local Union together, in one location is a very good move, we are stronger together than apart.

  • During the renovations the Union office is open, the address, phone numbers and e mail addresses will remain the same.
  • The retiree centre is closed and will reopen when it is safe to do so.
  • The renovations and move will be completed by May 1st 2021.


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On Behalf of the Executive Board Unifor Local 199

In Solidarity,

Steve McMullen
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
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