GM Strike Authorization Vote SUNDAY

Strike Authorization Vote

On Sunday 30th August 2020 between (12:01 am and 11:59 pm) Eligible GM  members can Click here to vote.

  • Once you reach the login form, enter your GMIN, and the password provided, the address is
  • Once you reach the login form, enter your GMIN number, and the password that was sent to you.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your vote it will take less than a minute. STRIKE AUTHORIZATION VOTE Instructions
  • Keep your user name and password you will need it for the ratification vote.
  • If you do not receive this information this week, or need assistance you can come the Union Hall to vote,  or contact Peter Scott Phone 905-682-2611 x 238 E Mail

Hall Vote

  • Member who do not have access to an electronic device and need assistance to vote, can come to the Union Hall
  • SUNDAY, 30th August between (12 noon and 5 pm), you must wear a face mask and follow Covid protocols in place.
  • If you come to the Union Hall you will need your GMIN number, photo ID and the password that was sent to you by Simply Voting.
  • Unifor GM Strike Authorization Vote


  • Results for all D3 Strike Authorization votes will be announced on Monday 31st August at 9:00am

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  • GM members to subscribe for Local Union Bargaining Updates CLICK HERE.


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