IMPORTANT UPDATE:  As part of the Company’s ongoing efforts to support our team members, we are pleased to announce that the Company will provide, on a purely gratuitous basis, a Return To Work (RTW) payment for team members who were ineligible to receive a SUB benefit during their temporary layoff, due to the receipt of CERB or EI-ERB.  Team members with less than 5 years of seniority will not qualify for the RTW Payment. The Company will begin to process lump sum payments over the next few weeks for eligible team members who have not received a SUB benefit during their temporary layoff. RTW payments will be earned only when an employee returns to work on active status.  Based on recall from layoff, not all team members will receive RTW payments at the same time and the amounts will vary based on individual circumstances.  Team members will also be required to provide information regarding the payments they have received from the Government in order to ensure correct calculation.  Any team member who does not return to active status will not be eligible to receive a RTW payment.


Plant Director  CAROLYNE WATTS                              Plant Chairperson  TIM MCKINNON