March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Resources for Local Unions

To Local Union Presidents,

In the past five days, the situation regarding COVID-19 had moved quickly and created an unprecedented situation for many working people and Unifor members in Canada.

Unifor has adopted an all hands on deck approach to supporting members during these challenging and uncertain times. We have worked every day to answer questions, communicate with employers, and call on governments to flatten the curve and respect working people in this time of crisis.

Unifor will continue to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the country, as well as the sectors and workplaces of our union.

We are writing today to share some resources that will be of help to you and help you represent members across the country.

COVID-19 Web Page

Visit for the most up to date union information, resources, and news on the coronavirus. At this point in the crisis, new information is posted daily, including a growing list of sector-specific backgrounders.

Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19

If you have questions about EI sickness benefits, work absences, in-person meetings, and refusing work? Look no further. Unifor’s FAQ on COVID-19 has the answers that union representatives need to represent workers during this crisis.

Download the FAQ (PDF)

COVID-19 Checklist for income replacement

This checklist sets out the possible measures that may be available for income replacement events including; sickness cue to COVID-19, isolation or quarantine, family care obligations, and layoff or business closures.

Download the checklist (PDF)

As the leadership of Unifor Local Unions, you are trusted to help serve members through this crisis. But you are not alone.

The national union will continue to advocate on behalf of Unifor members and all workers in Canada as we demand greater protections for workers to prevent the spread and lessen the impacts of the pandemic.

In doing that work, Jerry Dias wrote to the federal government on March 5 to make key demands that would protect workers. Read more.

Then, on March 16, we published Jerry’s latest blog, calling for a broadening of our social safety net in the midst of the pandemic and for investments in industry that will make Canada’s economy work for workers.

Read it here.

Thank you for your dedication and solidarity.

In solidarity,


              Jerry Dias                                   Lana Payne                                Renaud Gagné
           National President                        National Secretary-Treasurer         Quebec Director