Run-off Elections Voting Ended

Run-off Election 

Wednesday 17th April 2019.  Voting for the run-off election ended tonight at 6:10 pm. Counting will start at 8 a.m tomorrow morning. 

THE RESULTS WILL BE POSTED on the Website (Thursday, 18th April 2019) AS SOON AS THEY ARE AVAILABLE.

Please do not call for results, this will simply delay posting the results.



  1. Run-off Results to Be posted (April 18th 2019)
  2. Executive Board Results (MARCH 2019)
  3. GM Election Results (MARCH 2019)
  4. Unifor Constitution 2016
  5. Bylaws Unifor Local 199 – January 6th 2016
  6. Election Guide

In Solidarity,
Chris Jones
Elections Committee Chairperson