3rd Annual Ball Hockey – Tournament 5th May 2019

  2018 Nov. Ball Hockey Tourny-1473

Co-Ed Ball Hockey Tournament

The Recreation Committee has booked a date for the third annual Ball Hockey Tournament. Last year 40 players signed and formed four teams, this is a very successful, well run and fun event. 

  • The tournament is open to 199 members only,
  • There will be prizes, a trophy and 12 month bragging rights for the winners. 
  • The cost is only $25 pp
  • BBQ will be running all day
  • We need players of all levels
  • Volunteers to run the BBQ and assist with the running of the Tournament.
  • DEADLINE TO REGISTER is Friday APRIL 26th 2019 

For more information or to register contact the Recreation Committee

Taylor Dempster: 289-407-4980 ted991@hotmail.com 

Ken Naldjief;  ken.naldjieff@gm.com


Unifor Local 199 Recreation Committee
Taylor Dempster, Ken Naldjieff  & Kyle Beattie