If you identify as a member of the Black, Indigenous, or racialized community and is interested in making a difference in your workplace, please apply for the GM Unifor plant position of:
Racial Justice Advocate

Please submit your name and contact information by April 1st, 2023 to:

 Trevor Longpre-GM Plant Chairperson via email:  trevor.longpre@gm.com

Our Collective Agreement language pertaining to this position reads:

Doc. No. 1



(c) Racial Justice Advocate

In recognition of societal racism, the Company agrees to identify a racial justice advocate at each facility covered by the collective agreement. A Racial Justice Advocate will be an individual who identifies as a member of the Black, Indigenous, or racialized community. The Local Union President will be responsible for the selection of the facility Racial Justice Advocate. A Racial Justice Advocate is a workplace representative who will assist and support Black, Indigenous, or racialized people and concerns such as racial discrimination and racial violence. The role of the Racial Justice Advocate in the workplace will include to:

  • Listen;
  • Provide support to Black, Indigenous, or racialized members;
  • Assist with racial justice initiatives;
  • Promote access to community cultural appropriate services;
  • Work with facility leadership to develop, implement and monitor an Anti-Racism Action Plan;
  • Network with coalition partners.

Should the Racial Justice Advocate require time off the job in order to fulfill his/her duties, the Union will review the request and, if in agreement, will submit a leave of absence request prior to the requested leave for approval by the Company. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Please Note:  Only serious candidates should apply.

For more information about the position visit  https://www.unifor.org/resources/human-rights/racial-justice-advocate

Check out the Human Rights Department’s video #Unifor4RacialJustice and watch as our members, leaders, liaisons and advocates share our plan to eradicate racism. https://youtu.be/RDSqpfL8ROY


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Issued by,

Trevor Longpre
GM Unit Chairperson
Unifor Local 199