A Message to the Membership from Tim McKinnon

To the Membership of Local 199,

As most of you are aware, I am leaving my position as Chairperson to take on a Staff position in the National Union. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here as Chairperson over the last eight and a half years. Without such a fantastic group of members behind me the job would have been much more difficult. I have been actively working on a transition strategy for many years to bridge the gap between Legacy and New Workers. As well as a strategy to move our facility in the right direction to prosper far into the future.

I fully understand there will be an adjustment period. That said, I have spent the nearly four years mentoring Trevor Longpre and setting out a map on what needs to be the focus to ensure we don’t go down the wrong path at such a critical time in the Auto industry. It has been exciting to see the new members stepping up and helping shape their own future, as both the new Chairperson and our Local President have done, as well as the reps on the shop floor.

The past 18 months have been some of the most challenging in my time as Chair, with the COVID crisis and the supply chain issues, just to name a few. During that time Trevor Longpre has proven to be a leader and has the confidence of the bargaining Committee to continue stay ahead of the issues today and moving forward.  We understand that our members having a future and secure jobs is the most important thing to the membership.

There is a short-term plan and a long-term vision that will transition us to zero emission vehicles to secure our future.  I am very proud of all the work we have done over the years and have the utmost faith the leaders of today will continue that great work. They will not be able to do it without you, the membership, as you are all fantastic people and should be proud of all you do. This membership is the best in the world and second to none.

I have supplied the new leadership with almost 12,000 electronic documents and will leave everything in my current office, including all documents, intact. This will ensure the leaders of tomorrow will have the history and all current information to help provide them a better understanding and knowledge. Knowledge that will help them to better serve you, the membership.  Also, I will only be 10 minutes up the road and be readily accessible. I will continue to provide any assistance that anyone may need moving forward, as required.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you for the privilege of representing you and  remind you that it is because of your hard work and dedication that this facility has remained open for business when so many other facilities have disappeared.


In Solidarity to the best Membership in the business,


Tim Mckinnon