Presidents PODCAST – Strike Authorization Vote



Sisters & Brothers

Due to these unprecedented times in this round of bargaining the local union will not be able to host an in person meeting regarding the strike authorization vote.

Our National President Brother Jerry Dias, will officially announce the D3 target company on Labour Day. When the target company is selected, all efforts will be made to come to an agreement prior to the strike deadline. However, Brother Dias has stated “if an agreement is not reached, he will not continue to negotiate after the strike deadline”

At this time, we don’t know who the target company will be, but in preparation for the Labour Day announcement. Unifor members who work at the D3 are all participating in Strike Authorization vote on SUNDAY.

I am asking our members to show their support to the Bargaining Committee and send a clear and strong message to General Motors that we mean business and will not settle for anything other than a fair and equitable collective agreement. You can do this by giving your leadership your AUTHORIZATION TO STRIKE if needed.

To clarify, to say YES to a Strike Vote, does not mean we are going on strike. A Yes Vote means you support the Bargaining Committee, a YES vote sends a clear and concise message to the company we are serious about our demands and expectation. A Yes vote means only if Unifor is not able to come to terms with the company on a collective agreement that our membership has given the leadership authorization to withdraw our labour and start a legal strike against the company.

On SUNDAY Aug. 30th for the first time in our history Unifor Local 199 will hold an ONLINE Electronic Strike Authorization VOTE.

• Members can vote online on Sunday using an electronic device connected to the internet (computer tablet or smart phone) from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm

• you will need your GMIN number and password which has been sent to eligible members
• if you need assistance, stop in at the union hall on Sunday 30th August between 12 noon and 5 pm. Please bring the password you received from Simply Voting, your GMIN number and a photo ID

Sisters and Brothers, we need to send a strong message to the company, by voting in favour to strike if a deal cannot be reached. I stress to all members this is a time to unite and stand together. If we stand united in solidarity, we will strive for a collective agreement that will benefit everyone.

Thank you, stay safe
In solidarity
Greg Brady
President Unifor Local 199