GM ADP Desktop/Mobile Instructions


Log on to internet browser.

  • Type at the top
  • GM St Catharines Propulsion Plant page will load.
  • Top right click EMPLOYEE
  • Scroll down, under the ADP logo click MY PAY LINK
  • Type in your USER ID (your GMIN NUMBER on your clock card ONLY) and password you’ve chosen.
  • (next step is optional)
  • When in your account you can register to have mobile app access for smart devices
  • Click your name on the top right and then click settings
  • go to mobile,
  • Register your mobile account by filling in your user ID with you email or GMIN number. (Whichever you choose will be permanent for the mobile app)
  • TIP: use the same password as your desktop version to prevent any confusion. (passwords between desktop and mobile can be different)


  • Go to the app store on your smart device
  • Type in the search bar ADP mobile
  • Download ADP Mobile Solutions
  • Type in your email or GMIN (Whichever you registered on desktop version) for the user ID section.
  • Type in the password in you have chosen in the password section

*If at any time you are locked out of your account, feel free to call/text or email me.

SUB/EI Representative – Vincent Filice
ALT. SUB/EI Representative – Adam Nie
In Plant: 905-641-6419
Mobile: TBD