Update,  May 4th 2020

Today, Monday May 4th,  there are 18 Knights people working in our facility. There is also a number of Tradespeople from SK009 doing work in the plant.

Potentially the HFV6 is scheduled to start on one shift in assembly and 3 shifts in machining May 11th, 2020. This will not be confirmed until Wednesday afternoon.

Production and Trades attached to V6 will be getting a call starting tomorrow asking “if” production is starting would you like to work? If you decline and are not forced in by seniority you will continue to collect EI/CERB.

The V8 and Transmission tentative dates have not changed as yet and remain the 18th of May.

Please note: GSC will be called by seniority.

I will post more information as it becomes available.

Tim McKinnon
Plant Chairperson