Well, I am making my report for Month April and the Retirees Centre is shut down due to the Coronavirus 19. The Retired Workers Executive Board made the decision to close the Centre on March 16, 2020.  We will only reopen it when the Board feels it is safe to do so.

This virus is very bad for people 65 and older.  It is resulting in many deaths affecting this age group. So, we are holding regular Retired Workers Executive Board meetings by conference call on a monthly basis in order to stay up to date regarding what is happening with this virus as well as with regard to the regular business of the Board.

This is a very bad situation for retirees who are not being able to be with their families over the Easter Holiday or at any other time safely. My wife and I miss our grandchildren as they come to the back door and keep their distance.  It is not the same.  We cannot wait for this to be over so we can give them a big hug.

I have not seen anything like this in my lifetime nor have any of our other retirees. This is going to be devastating for the economy and will result in high levels of unemployment for a long time to come.

In the coming months I will report on any updates or any Retired Workers Executive Board business as needed.

Fred Dougan
Retiree Chairperson