This week Unifor members who work at CAMI and GM are receiving invitations to join a plant Facebook page.  The Facebook page is a closed group meaning you must be invited in, agree to terms and conditions and be approved by GM to join. These invitations are going to salaried, hourly, and contract workers.

The GM page has been set up by GM communications, joining is voluntary, no posts or comments, only likes are allowed.  The company has stated that the purpose is to improve communications and stay connected and engaged with their employees.

As you know Unifor Local 199 has a website and several Facebook pages for our members which are frequently updated. We also have a Facebook page specifically for GM members which is a closed group for (union members only), members can ask questions and post comments so long as they are within the guidelines. We encourage all our members to use them.

Unifor Local 199 is not asking that our members sign up for the GM Canada Assembly Facebook, members who sign up do so under their own vocation.

While we encourage communication with our members, we do advise that you look at the source of the information and critically read the post, taking in any bias or interest the post may contain.   Members should also use caution when posting on any social media.  Even in closed groups it is impossible to guarantee anonymity.  What you post can be shared quickly with others so please be respectful and considerate when sharing your opinions.

Tim McKinnon
Plant Chairperson