UAW Strike Strike Continues

The UAW Strike against General Motors has now entered the third week. Although progress has been made it looks like the strike will continue for at least another week. On Friday we visited the GM Tonawanda plant to talk to our U.S. brothers and sisters and show our solidarity.

The overall mood on the picket line was very positive and spirits were high. All twelve entry points to the plant were being picketed by large groups.  It would be fair to say the UAW members are very frustrated with GM.   The biggest issues were, profit sharing, the need for new work, benefit costs and the increasing number of temp workers who were paid as low as $17 and would never reach the top rate or receive full benefits.

Several members commented that the UAW members and communities across the US had made sacrifices to help General Motors survive bankruptcy and return to profitability.  “We stood up for General Motors when they were in serious trouble.  It is now time for this very profitable corporation to acknowledge our sacrifices by sharing the profits and allocating new work to our plants”

We are standing together in unity and solidarity with UAW members south of the border because we know and understand our future is strongly interconnected to theirs. 

For any members who would like to visit the Powertrain Plant it is located at 2995 River Road, Buffalo, NY, 14207, they were very happy to see us and we are confident you will receive a warm welcome.

Click here to see the pictures from our visit.

UAW/GM Strike 2019