The Women’s Advocate’s job is to support, educate and refer members to services in the community that will help them in various situations.

The referrals are for many issues such as sexual assault, intimate violence and other forms of abuse, anger management, attempted suicide, depression, pregnancy, separation, divorce, counselling, stalking, and mental illness.
Privacy, confidentiality and concern are what this office represents, and it is a negotiated contractual right. The phone I use is a direct line that is only accessed by me. Your issues and personal information will not be shared with anyone unless you give permission to do so.

It is very hard to concentrate on your job if you are going through problems at home. The Company and the Union both realize this, which is why this position is here in the first place. Whether you simply need someone to talk to, would like a referral to an agency, or more information – I am here to help.

The door of the Advocate is always open. Feel free to come see me in my office which is in the West Clock House, email or call me. For more information click here Women’s Equity Page

Letter from The Equity Rep

In solidarity,


Jessica McCourt