Where is my GM T4?


Where is My GM T4?

Lots of complaints are coming in over the T4’s at GM

I have been told that if you are a GM retiree T4’s were mailed out February 28th, if you have not received your T4 by March 18th, call the benefit Centre at 1-877-442-4625.  If you have moved, you should call the Benefit Centre now and provide your new mailing address.

If you are a GM active employee and receive regular pay cheques your T4 is being mailed to you, don’t know any more than that but will find out more and post it shortly.

If you are a GM employee and you switched to an Electronic pay stub and have an ADP account your T4’s is available on line.  The ADP system is pretty frustrating to work with mostly with LOGIN and password issues.   If you signed up and have a password and member number (not your clock number) you can go to ADP and print off your T4. I followed the instructions below,  found mine and printed it off.  The process took about 15 minutes. Not intuitive but if you follow the instructions you can get to your T4.

  • I logged on at www.gmstcatharines.ca and went to EMPLOYEE ( top right)  then under the heading ADP clicked on (My pay link) lower left
  • I was asked for my (member number) and my (password) but my password did not work,
  • Fortunately I did have  my member number, typed it in and then clicked (forgot password),
  • The next step was to answer two questions,  to make sure its me,  this took several  attempts, I was stuck at what scares me the most,
  • It kept coming up with wrong answer after wrong answer! after five attempts I guessed it right, and then I was in.
  • Next step is to change the password, sounds easy enough just don’t use your old password, does not like that.
  • The new password must be 8 characters, numbers, letters and an uppercase letter and do not forget a special character. type it in again.
  • (Better write that password down) 
  • Okay lets see where is my T4, the page opens up at (My View) there are three horizontal lines on the top left, this is called a hamburger icon
  • Click on the (hamburger) and it open the side menu,  the last option on the list is (My Forms), click on  (My forms) and another window opens.
  • Not as intuitive as I thought but following instructions I am getting there, See the picture with a screen shot below (my forms) this is  where the evasive T4 is hiding.
  • Only five more steps, 1. click on (form) select (generate report),  2. click on (variant) then select (year end form). 3. scroll down the list of forms click on (2018 T4) 4.Click on (Display Form) Up pops your T4  5. select (File) then (Print)  I hope you have paper and ink!

I really hope the login and (password) issues get resolved by ADP and secondly I hope they make it easier to find our T4’s

Reminder these instructions are for Active Employees at GM with ADP accounts.  Retirees T4”s were mailed out February 28th  call the benefit Centre at 1-877-442-4625 for assistance.

Good luck, I hope the instructions and the following link helps.

Peter Scott
Recording Secretary, Unifor Local 199

LINK TO Why Haven’t I Received My T4

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