Elections Report – March Elections

election report

ELECTIONS REPORT, February 14th 2019

Elections at Local 199 are coming up fast, I thought it would be a good time to give you a quick update about the process and what to expect over the next few weeks. When elections are called we post several notices; a Notice of Notice, a Notice of Nomination and a Notice of Election. When the nomination box is opened and we know who is running for each position the Notice of Election is posted in the workplace with all the candidates’ names.  The Elections Committee also posts the dates voting will take place.  When we get closer to the actual voting dates in March, times and locations will be posted in each workplace and on the local Union website.

Over the next few weeks candidates will be posting and handing out election materials, the company has provided several boards located in both clock houses at GM and units have a Union Bulletin board.  There are rules about what and where you can post leaflets, all candidate should be aware of these rules.This week I am working with an independent company to make electronic ballots and program a counting machine.  Sample ballots are made and tested prior to any voting taking place.  This represents an expense but does work out cheaper and is more accurate than a manual hand count.

Since this election is for the Executive Board, all 25 units will be voting, we also have bargaining committee elections in 6 units, with the biggest being GM.  Most people don’t realize there are 33 locations where voting will take place and the schedule includes 68 different times!

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On voting days I would suggest you come to work a little bit earlier to go through the process.  When you punch in a member of the Elections Committee will check your name is on the seniority list, give you 1 or 2 ballots depending on where you work. It is very helpful to know your Zone if working at GM.  Some ballots are printed on both sides, so please give yourself some time to fill out the ballots. If your name is not on the list we will provide you with ballots and place them in a sealed envelope so we can check your eligibility to vote before the count takes place.

VOTING DAYS (Dates and times will be posted)

  • Advanced Vote Thursday 14th March, at the Union Hall
  • Workplace Voting  between 18th – 20th March, (GM 18th &19th March)
  • Last Chance to Vote 20th March at the Union Hall

All completed ballots are dropped into a locked and sealed ballot box and then locked in a secure office, only the Chairperson of the Elections Committee has the keys. Once all voting has taken place the committee checks the box has not been tampered with and cuts the numbered seals.  At this time the counting will take place and will usually take a day to complete.  Only members of the election committee will have access to the ballots. .  All ballots are accounted for including spoiled ballots and unused ballots. Any candidate can request a scrutineer to observe the counting process from start to finish. Scrutineers can’t be in the election. At this time the committee will provide the numbers to the local union and the results will be posted in the workplace and on the Local Union Website.  If a Runoff Election is required, we will post a notice of Run Off Elections and go through the same process.

Over the years Local 199 has developed a process to ensure the results are fair, democratic and accurate. This posting is just a short summary of the process.  Any member who wants more information about the process should read Unifor Constitution 2016, the Bylaws Unifor Local 199 and the Election Guide. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Elections Committee.

On a personal note I ask that you do not take down or deface elections materials or postings, arrive early for work on Election Day, know your Zone and allow at least 10 minute to voteAlso please be patient don’t call the hall asking for the results, this distracts the committee from the task at hand and simply delays the results being posted. 

Chris Jones
Elections Committee Chairperson