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In December of 2018 GM announced that they would the idling 5 Automotive plants in 2019, one in Canada and four in the US.  Since that time both the UAW and Unifor have  started Campaigns to highlights the importance of the Auto sector to the economy and the impact that these job loses will have on local economies as well as the automotive supply chair across North America.


This announcement highlights the importance of a National Automotive Policy that will protect this important Sector and the good paying jobs.  We are asking our members to show support for Canadian Autoworkers by signing the following petition to get the Government to engage in meaningful discussion not provide bandaid solutions. click here to Sign the petition


Lawn Signs

Any members or retirees that would like a (Save GM Oshawa) lawn sign, can pick one up at the next membership meeting or stop in at the Union Hall between 8am and 4pm.

GM Rally in Windsor

A rally has been scheduled in Windsor at Dieppe Gardens on Friday 11th January at 11am.  For more information about the rally click here. The National Union has arranged buses, any members or retirees who would like to attend can register for the bus by calling the Union Hall 905-682-2611.

Save Oshawa GM t shirts

Save Oshawa T Shirts

Members and retirees have been asking about Save Oshawa T Shirts, they have just arrived at the Union Hall, any member or retiree who would like a t shirt should stop in at the Union Hall during regular business hours or attend the next membership meeting Wednesday 16th January.

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Economic Impact Study

A new independent study verifies a closure of the General Motors (GM) Oshawa Assembly Plant would create an economic shock, resulting in 24,000 lost jobs and a loss of $1 billion per year in government revenue. “We’re looking at tens of thousands of jobs and a direct hit to the GDP,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias. “Should GM proceed with plans to close Oshawa, the economic impact would be substantial, both in the short and long term.” Unifor commissioned the independent study, conducted by Robin Somerville, Director of the Centre for Spatial Economics and President of Quantitative Economic Decisions Inc., to examine the economic impact of a potential closure of GM’s Oshawa operations at the end of 2019. The study shows there would be an immediate fallout in 2020, with Ontario’s GDP expected to fall by $5 billion and a decline in Ontario government revenues of $330 million. In the long-term, Ontario’s economy would shrink by an average of $4 billion each year to 2030, leading to a reduction in Ontario government revenues of nearly a half billion and federal government revenues of just over half a billion a year. The study also projects job losses will mount over time to reach 14,000 in Ontario and a further 10,000 elsewhere across Canada by 2025. To read the full report click here Economic Impact Study