Union Communications Course

Union Communications Course


June 10th 2018, over the past twenty years or so I have had the opportunity to attend quite a few educational courses in Port Elgin.  This week I am  areattending the Union Communications Course which is one of the best courses I have attended. The course is a 5 day residential course at the Unifor Family Education Centre. Participants were asked to select a group project, since we were here for communication our group (Armand, Denis, Jose and Myself) felt it would be appropriate to use different methods to promote about communications and promote this great course.

Why Members should attend the communications course


Members will enjoy this course, its fast paced and very informative, you will learn about a wide variety of social medias and online tools that will help you in every aspect of your life.  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google groups, Search engines, Linked In, Photostory and Podcasts are just some of the tech tools and social media you will learn about. Whether you already know your way around these tech tools and the internet or are brand new to them, this course will provide you with the hands-on practical experience you need to use the technology effectively to build activism and solidarity on union issues.

Great experience, everyone can get something from this course even if your not very confident on a computer

Why Leadership should encourage members Attend


Currently there is a revolution in communications, our membership is getting younger and have high expectations when it comes communications.  Meeting these high expectations is a major challenge for leadership however this communication course is building a network of trained communicators in every local Union.  These activist can amplify your  message about issues and campaigns that affect workers and energize our members, building solidarity and support. Through communication members will have a better understanding of issues, will be more supportive of leadership and the challenges they face. Through improved communication leadership will also have a better understanding of workers concerns.

This is an opportunity  to build a network of activists that can build involvement & solidarity within your local union

How can we help and support Union Communicators by participating in this course.


Building a strong union depends on good communication between members, activists and leadership.  Online  communication is growing at a phenomenal rate and provides us with quick and efficient method to connect with our members. The power and importance of new technology and communications is becoming increasingly apparent. The more members that attend this course the better we will all be.

Get Involved, The next communications course is scheduled on July 8th -13th, we encourage members interested in communications to apply through their local union, to attend this exciting new course.


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Preview Communications Links

Following are a few links to videos and websites we used during the course.

  1. Social Media Revolution Video
  2. Social Media Guard Video
  3. Western Union Video
  4. The Shattered Mirror – Lights Out Video
  5. Bitly.com shortens URL
  6. Tiny URL shortens URL’s
  7. Word Art (Word clouds)
  8.  Port Elgin Spring/Summer Schedule
  9. Twitter Account
  10. PIXLR Photo Editor

Word Art

Images From the Communications Course on Flickr


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