Unifor’s First Labour Day 2013

Unifor First Labour Day

The First Labour Day for our New Union was a great success. The weekend started with our founding convention in Toronto where members from both the CAW and CEP voted to merge the two unions, approve the new name the constitution, and elect a new National Executive Board. On Monday Local 199 members, wearing their new colours and logo marched in the 69th Merritton Labour Day Parade. The Executive Board would like to acknowledge both Lorie Peacock and Doris Maxwell, the coordinators of this event. Thanks must also go to Ben Mandley, John Neeely, for spending their day on the BBQ and Helina for making her homemade fries.

The Executive Board of local 199 would also like to thank all our members & their families who volunteered to make this day such a success. Chris Ammendollio Tom Balint, Ray Coursol, Debbie Delvecchio, Donna Delvecchio, Cathy Franklin, Daryl Flannigan, Angelo Marano, Steve McMullen, Tina Raimondo, Norm Roy, Lawrence Robson, Marylee Sampson, Ed Steers, & Tony Tyminski. We apologise if we missed anyone’s name who volunteered on Labour Day.

We would also like to make a special thank you to our Hall Manager Linda Johnston for coming to the event, despite the fact Linda has been off sick for most of the year she came out to oversee this event and was at the hall for the majority of the day.

Images From Labour Day 2013

Congratulations to the following members who won prizes on Labour Day. Sony TV – Denise Fortier iPad – Denis Cirocco $199 – Stephen Urias, 50/50 Draw, Ticket Number 970075 ($135)