Plant Gate Collection for Electromotive Workers

Plant Gate Collection ElectroMotive Workers Raises $9,836

On Friday, February 17, 2012 there was a plant gate collection at GM for the laid off ElectroMotive workers in London. In January, Caterpillar locked these workers out and demanded a 50% cut in wages to keep the plant open. Subsequently, Caterpillar announced the plant closure and permanently laid off 465 CAW members. The London area has been hit very hard and currently has the second highest rate of unemployment in Canada (9%). Unfortunately, both the Federal and Provincial government has failed to accept any responsibility for this preventable loss of good paying jobs and did not even try to keep these jobs in Canada. At the gate collection we raised $9,836.45 ($8,836.45 at the plant gate and the retirees donated an additional $1,000) On behalf of the workers at Electromotive thank you all for opening you heart and wallet to help these laid off workers.