Affordable Housing Project For St Catharines (Bethlehem Project)

Bethlehem Project
For four years,  local 199 worked with with Bethlehem Projects of Niagara towards alleviating some of the homelessness in St. Catharines and build a 40 unit affordable housing project.  Volunteers from the active 199 membership as well as the 199 retirees chapter provided daily job site clean up and helped to build a privacy fence around the perimeter of the property, the volunteers also planted trees and shrubbery. The amount of work accomplished by our members was remarkable, especially when you consider the nasty weather they encountered and the tight deadlines to complete the work.  Local 199 got the job done. Local 199 volunteers  donated their time to help offset the cost  and give back to our Community in a way that money cannot do.  I can tell you from experience this was a very rewarding project to be involved with.  Mark Roy