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I would like to thank the membership for the opportunity to represent you for the past 3 years as Health and Safety Rep the  past four years have went by very quickly and I am asking for you support to be Re Elected  in the upcoming election. After being elected i initiated several programs at GM, have written monthly report on the website and in the plant. Since being elected there have been many improvements to the plant, and an enormous change in safety culture between workers and management. We have supported the Employee Safety Concern Process so your issues are documented on paper where they can be tracked, monitored and properly closed out to your satisfaction. GM created this system, but we have been able to tweak it based on Member feedback to hold the company more accountable to process they created. This approach did not exist with previous representation. Instead of threatening to shut the place down, and call the Ministry over every issue, Mike and myself have used a knowledge based approach after extensive research we arrive fully prepared for any argument.  I have an excellent knowledge base regarding local/global GM policies and procedures, legislative requirements, and the plant. The Membership will benefit greatly in the next set of negotiations, to gain some much-needed local improvements and improved master language regarding Health and Safety. looking to teh futures I have started  preparations for negotiation in 2020.   I request you support for the GM Health and Safety Representative.


  • Health and Safety Rep 3 years
  • Workplace Trainer
  • Train the Trainer
  • Human Rights
  • Skilled Trades Training


To contact Ed Steers 905-123-4567

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