Retiree Chairperson

Fred Dougan
Retiree Chairperson

Retiree Chair

As of October 2016, Fred Dougan is the new Retiree Chair at Local 199.  Prior to his retirement Fred worked at General Motors for 40 years. The first 30 of those years was spent in the Foundry before transferring to the Ontario Street  plant in 1994. For 32 years Fred Dougan represented the membership in a variety of positions. Fred started as the night shift committeeperson in the Foundry, was elected to Shop Committeeperson and then elected as Vice Chairperson of the GM Unit. Those were the days when General Motors in St. Catharines employed over 10,000 workers .  It was during this time that Fred was elected to the position of GM Plant Chairperson.  During his career Fred participated in 8 rounds of bargaining, all the while gaining invaluable experience.  Fred also represented our membership in other roles during his many years as a Union activist.  He held the position of Chairperson of the CAW/GM Canadian Council and sat on the Local 199 Executive Board.  When Fred retired he was the elected night shift committee person in the Forge Division.

For the next three years Fred will represent the Retirees of Unifor Local 199 as both  the Retiree Chairperson and Retiree Representative on the Executive Board. Fred sends a message to all retirees to encourage them to attend the Retirees monthly membership meetings which are held every third Wednesday of each month except for July and August. at 1pm. in the Retiree Lounge.  These meetings are an excellent opportunity for retirees to gain valuable information and ask questions.   “Members can ask us anything… what we can’t answer we will find out or at least tell them who to talk to”

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