UAW Auto Negotiations 2019

September 16th 2019.  UAW members at General Motors are on strike.  General Motors was selected as the target company to secure a new collective agreement earlier this month. Following are a series of links to news article about negotiations. The list is in chronological order, the newest article is on the bottom of the list.

Tim McKinnon GM Chairperson at GM St Catharines said that “It will only take a few days before this strike impacts G.M. St Catharines. 90% of our engines  are shipped to the U.S. however the majority of the transmissions we make go to the Cami plant in Ingersoll.  I will be meeting with management to talk about the impact on Canadian operations so we can keep our membership informed.”

  1. GM Selected by UAW as Target Automaker
  2. UAW GM Open 2019 Contract Talks
  3. Autoworkers Take Aim at GM in Crucial Contract Negotiations
  4. GM now has fewer UAW Employee’s than FCA & Ford.
  5. As deadline nears, GM sends letter to plants
  6. UAW GM Officials have differing views of contract progress
  7. us automakers face union strike deadline
  8. UAW will Strike GM at Midnight
  9. 46,000 UAW members strike GM
  10. Tens of Thousand of GM Auto Workers go on strike
  11. U.S. General Motors Strike to have Impact on Canadian Workers