All members wishing to collect SUB and/or EI benefits while laid off, must complete an application and submit completed report(s) on time.

Members who are laid off, must apply online promptly following their last day of work. Any delay in applying or reporting will cause a delay in payment. When applying, members will use a Reference Number. This number allows you to complete a shorter application specific to our plant and its employees. Your SUB/EI Representatives will be providing application guides containing your reference number and application instructions in both clock houses the week before scheduled layoffs.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a benefit statement containing your Access Code in the mail. Using your SIN and access code, you must go online and complete reports. Reports are a series of questions you must answer relating to your earnings and availability during a two-week period of time while laid off. The answers you provide to these questions are what deem you eligible to receive EI and SUB benefits. If you are not eligible to receive EI, you will not be eligible for SUB.

To collect SUB and/or EI benefits, a one-week waiting period must be served. A waiting period is one full calendar week Sunday to Saturday with no earnings and is served the first week of a new claim.

DO NOT stress over applying or reporting; we are here to assist everyone with their questions and concerns. All contact info will be provided. Call, text or email if you need assistance with anything regarding Employment Insurance or SUB.

Issued by,

Rory De Marco GM Unit SUB/EI Rep
Ashley Kofsky, GM Unit Alt. SUB/EI Rep
Office 905-641-6419
Cell 905-658-7781