GM Temporary Lay off





General Motors (V6 Lay off)

April 2016, General Motors announced a 4 week temporary lay off in the V6 engine assembly area.  The four weeks impacted are April 4th, April 25th, May 2nd and May 30th.  Members who are effected by the temporary lay off should  apply for Employment Insurance and may be eligible for Sub Benefits.

  • The application for EI must be done online, members who need assistance can come to the Union hall for help, or call SUB EI Rep. Brad Isherwood.
  • Your application must be completed within four weeks of being laid off or Service Canada may not accept your application and you may be ineligible to receive EI Benefits, which would deem you ineligible for SUB benefits.
  • If you apply on line and have your waiting periods served and an access code you can report the weeks you work and are on layoff.
  • Local 199 has an EI calendar to keep track of the weeks worked laid off and reported, click on he link to download and print it off.    EI calendar

 E.I. Application Process

  1. Go to
  2. select English
  3. on the right hand side select Application for Employment Insurance benefits Online      Direct Link to EI Application
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page select Start Application
  5. Are you trying to retrieve an application you have started earlier? if this is a new application select NO.
  6. Click on
  7. Were you supplied with a reference code Enter    3511042016040616
  8. Click Continue
  9. Enter SIN
  10. Last name
  11. First Name
  12. last name at Birth
  13. Gender
  14. Mothers maiden name
  15. You will be given a temporary password Write it down (or take a screen shot)
  16. Click on Continue
  17. Do you want to have EI payment deposited to your bank account Yes or No
  18. Enter your employers name General Motors
  19. Do not enter first day worked
  20. Enter last day worked April 1st
  21. Enter GM badge number (*****) then Continue
  22. Is someone helping you with your application select No and continue
  23. There are six pages of rights and responsibilities read them and click I accept and continue
  24. Do you accept the above attestation and want to submit your application online Click Yes
  25. If you selected yes you will receive a confirmation number and your application will be completed.

If you have any question call Brad Isherwood at 905-641-6419 or stop in at either the Union office or Union Hall.

In Solidarity, Greg Brady