Jordan Lennox

Young Worker (Under 35)

When the local union by-laws were being re written in 2015 the board and membership of the local union agreed it was important to have a young workers voice and perspective on the board and created a new position on the Executive Board for a young worker.  The position was created  to ensure that issues related to young workers and new members are brought to the attention of the Executive Board and membership of the Local Union. Pursuant to the Bylaws the young worker must be under the age of 35 on the date the ballot box closes.The Young Worker will work with the Executive Board to develop and recommend a succession and education plan to integrate young workers into the local union and develop new leaders.

Jordan Lennox

Jordan Lennox was elected to the Executive Board in the 2017 Bi-Election for the balance of the term, Jordan works at the General Motors unit, is  the chairperson of the Communications Committee and is the liaison with the Young Workers Committee. Jordan is a very effective communicator and volunteers as one of the administrators of the GM Unit and Local 199 Facebook pages.

Contact Information

Cell:      289-686-63822
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