Iafrate Machine Works

Chair: Wendy Hare
Iafrate Machine Works

Iafrate Machine Works, 1150 Beaverdams Road, at Highway 58, P.O. Box 53, Thorold, Ontario, L2V 3Y7


Current Products: With more than 35 years of solid practical experience, IMW’s custom machine shop in Thorold, Ontario utilizes CNC turning and milling machines, grinding, induction bending, induction brazing and other manufacturing methods to turn out top quality machined parts and forgings for our automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical, defense/military, alternative energy, forging and machinery clients – all at competitive prices

Members: 50 unionized members

Chairperson: Wendy Hare

Phone: 905-227-6141

E Mail: E Mail Wendy Hare


Fax: 905-227-7147

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