Mark Roy

Vice President
Mark Roy

The Vice President

The Vice President assists the President of the Local Union in performing all of his/her duties as required and attends all Local Union meetings.  If the President is absent or incapacitated, the Vice President will be the interim replacement and perform the President’s duties. As per local 199 Bylaws (Article 6),  if the position of President becomes vacant, the Vice President will assume that office for the balance of the term.

Mark Roy

Mark Roy currently serves the membership as the Vice President, the GM Benefit rep  and is the Executive Board Liaison for the Community Services Committee.  Mark has previously represented the membership of local 199 as Recording Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, EI Sub Rep and as a Committee Person. As an Executive Board member, Mark has been involved in many labour events and has served as a  CAW, CLC & OFL delegate at conventions.  Over the years Mark has coordinated the Labour Day parade, Community Christmas dinner and the Bethlehem Affordable Housing Project now known as (The Genesis Court affordable housing complex on James St)

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Phone                  905-682-2611  Ext 228
In Plant                 905-641-6444
Cell                      905-658-7952
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