The President chairs all Local Union meetings, enforces the constitution and appoints committees not otherwise provided for.  The President signs all requisitions for expenditures authorized by the Local Union and countersigns all cheques issued by the Financial Secretary. The President appoints the Local Union organizing liaison who coordinates the Local Union’s organizing initiatives.  The President assists each bargaining unit committee as required during the collective bargaining process and to enforce the contract.

Greg Brady

Greg Brady, represents the membership as President of Local 199, is an Ontario Council Delegate, Unifor Constitutional Delegate  and is an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the Elections Committee. Greg previously served the membership as the Sub &  EI rep for the GM unit and the Vice Chairperson for the Unifor National E.I. Committee.   Greg has represented the membership as a delegate to the Unifor, OFL & CLC conventions.

Contact Information

Phone: 905-682-2611, Ext 225
Cell: 905-933-5256
E Mail:


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