Lori Gaboury

Member at Large

Member at Large

Unifor Local 199 Executive Board has two Members-at-Large, one who is the Chairperson of the Unit Council and the other must be a woman.The Woman-at-Large is responsible  for ensuring that issues that affect women are raised at the Board level and brought to the attention of the Membership.  The Member at Large helps to organize and participate in events pertaining to women in society and liaises with community organizations and groups.

Donna Higham  

Donna Higham, represents the Membership of Local 199 as a Member-at-Large on the Executive Board and is the Liaison for the Women’s Committee. She currently serves the Membership as the GM Union Counsellor/Women’s Advocate and graduated from the McMaster Labour Studies program in 2015.  Donna previously served the membership serving on the Elections & Women’s Committee, as Alternate Union Counsellor, Alternate Committee person, and as a  United Way Campaign canvasser.

Contact Information

Phone: 905-641-6559
Cell: 905-658-7123
E Mail: donna.higham@gm.com

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