GM Temp Layoff – E.I. Application

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GM Temporary Lay off

General Motors has announced a temporary layoff that is impacting our members.    Members must apply for E.I. benefits online at the following link.  To help you do the application we have prepared two leaflets which you can read online or print  E.I. Reporting & Application Guide and Answers to frequently asked questions Oct. 29 2018


REFERENCE CODE     3529-04-3195-102018

(If the E.I. application will not accept the reference code please remove the dashes and try again)

If you need help with the application please contact you SUB E.I. rep
Rory De Marco, GM Unit SUB/EI Rep
Office 905-641-6419
Cell 905-658-7781      

Ashley Kofsky, GM Unit Alt. SUB/EI Rep