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TEAM – Bob White

“Walking Makes a Difference”

While attending the Alzheimer’s walk in Niagara,  I noticed a family wearing a t shirt with a picture and name of a deceased family member, it was very moving to see the entire family come together, wearing the same shirt and remember a loved family member lost to a terrible disease. The Alzheimer’s walk draws attention to dementia, most Canadian don’t know 564,000 Canadian are currently living with dementia in Canada,  this statistic is projected to grow to 937,000 in 15 years.   1.1 million Canadians including our members are directly or indirectly impacted by the disease,  the cost to provide care is 10.4 billion per year.

A month later Bob white passed away, brother Whites passing impacted an entire generation of activist across Canada, everyone loved bob White and  wanted to pay tribute to this great leader and activist, he was a hero to so many, myself included,  which brings me to the ‘Team White”Campaign .

team white

Can you imagine labour activist in every community participating in the  Alzheimer’s Walk all wearing TEAM White T shirts, we can raise funds for a great cause in Bobs name,   pay tribute to Brother Bob White and gain recognition for Unifor in hundreds of communities. Locally  we we helped to raise $70,000 in Niagara, and we would like to invite other Local Unions ENTER a TEAM WHITE in the next walk for memories in your area.    A fitting tribute to Brother Bob White.

The Minimum order for T Shirts is 36 however Image Promotions has agreed that a discount will be offered based on orders recieved befor May 1st 2017.  You can Order T shirts from using the order form below or from Tina Duke at 905-332-6330 or 905-541-7114.  The reality is the more we order the better the price. More importantly the bigger the impact we will have battling this terrible disease.


"Walking Makes a Difference" T Shirts - A donation will be made to the Alzheimer's Society for every T shirt purchased in memory of Bob White.


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