Special Offer

Special Offer for 199 Members

In an effort to provide our members with the best benefit coverage possible. Your local union has engaged a number of local providers and we are pleased to report that Sears has agreed to provide hearing aid protection over and above what our Collective Agreement/ASR Trust will provide. On the same note, Welland Avenue Chiropractic and Massage Therapy have worked with us to come up with a plan to ease out of pocket expenses for these important health services. We urge all our active and retired members to go to our website: www.caw199.com for further information on these new initiatives. Chiropractic Special Offer

Hearing aids are covered under General Motors Unifor local 199 benefits. Hear for life Hearing Clinic offers free hearing test.  They will also give members  $25 gift card with every set of hearing aids purchased. To book an appointment call 905-562-8327,  2A Tremont Drive, St Catharines.